Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

January 3, 2011

Only Space Aliens Look Forward to Winter




Show us the person who looks forward to January,

and we’ll show you a space alien.*

     I’ve been described as all sorts of things—and on occasion, even a space alien. However, disliking January is not the basis of this description. 

     As a matter of fact, I not only like January. I look forward to it. For me, it’s not the year’s cold, hungover morning. I experience neither low spirits nor low funds.

     January is a welcome break after triple holidays extending from the last Thursday in November to January 1. Being snowed in provides the opportunity for rest and recuperation, an opportunity to catch my breath, an opportunity to do tasks there is no time for during the spring planting season, the summer activities, the fall reaping season.

     However, winter storms are not welcome if I must attend activities in the real world. This was true at the transition of 1997-1998, when I flew to and from Bangor, Maine, with a car ride to and from Presque Isle, Maine, sandwiched between the flights. That was during the disastrous ice storms that hit the northern tier of the northeastern United States. It was not a year of post-holiday rest and recuperation.

     Living in Atlanta, Georgia threw me into culture shock: the fine winter weather, in which we could play December basketball wearing shorts, provided no such opportunities.

     January is the late evening of the year, the time out. Winter hibernation refreshes my mind, body and spirit, preparing me for the seasons to come.

     My sister Nancy Lee said it well: I looked out my window. The falling snow was so peaceful, and I could truly enjoy it as I sat on my couch, beside the window, with a cup of hot tea, an English muffin and a blanket with a purring cat warming my lap

     It’s like the good night’s sleep that is being recommended in a culture of sleep deprivation.

     Unfortunately, the bright sun today, a third day of decent weather, is removing some of that rest period. It is removing my excuse to stay housebound.

     The one disadvantage of hibernation is social deprivation. The decent weather allowed me to meet Fran for coffee and breakfast at a local diner.

     For now, it is the evening of the day, time for me to put aside my tasks and achieve the rest that will invigorate me for tomorrow’s tasks.

     Night all.

*New challenges for a new year. Tribune-Review newspaper, Greensburg, PA. January 3, 2011, pp. D4



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