Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

January 7, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Steal




Exodus 20:15 Do not steal. (One of the Ten Commandments)

Leviticus 6:1-7  The Lord told Moses what the people must do when they commit other sins against the Lord:

You have sinned if you rob or cheat someone, if you keep back money or valuables left in your care, or if you find something and claim not to have it. When this happens, you must return what doesn’t belong to you, and pay the owner a fine of twenty percent. In addition, you must either bring to the priest a ram that has nothing wrong with it or else pay him for one. The priest will then offer it as a sacrifice to make things right, and you will be forgiven for what you did wrong. (The Learning Bible: Contemporary English Version)

     When a company cheated us through false (conflicting) prices, we contacted them. We are still waiting for that company to make things right. We expect it will do so, but also realize we may be disappointed.

     My daughter was a kleptomaniac when she was a year old. She “lifted” items from top shelves as I made my way through the grocery store. She could do this because I carried her in a backpack while I was shopping.

     When I removed her from the backpack, after loading my groceries in the car, I would retrieve the “stolen” items and return them to the store. The clerks came to expect me to return. They never pressed charges against Sandy.

     Things could have been handled differently, as they were in another incident. A man arrived home and realized the store had only charged him for two items, when he had purchased three. It’s their fault, he said, indicating that there was no way he would act to correct the incident.

     Do you have a right to keep items gained in this type of circumstance? How would you respond in this man’s situation?


     Integrity is important. Honesty is part of integrity. Make the effort to be the best person you can be.

     To read a post on shoplifting, click on Shoplifting in Munich, Germany?



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