Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

January 29, 2011

Jigsaw Addicts Puzzle Over Pieces



The best time of day to work a crossword puzzle is  between ten and eleven o’clock in the morning. Studies show this is the time of day when most people say they are most alert and at their peak intellectually.

    My friend Lois might be at our house tonight to celebrate National Puzzle Day. After all, she is a jigsaw puzzle addict.

     For Christmas, my husband Monte presented me with a small five-hundred piece jigsaw puzzle. The picture was of Nubble Lighthouse at Kittery, Maine. Having grown up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, it was a sit I visited as a child, and we, as a couple, visit the site on each visit we make to New England. He knew I’d enjoy this present.

     Then he said “I think we there is a puzzle picturing Portland Head Lighthouse on a shelf upstairs.” My friend Lois had given me a framed poster-size picture of this lighthouse, built in 1792 at Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I had an eight by ten photograph I took ready to hang beneath the poster.

     After several days, I investigated, and sure enough Monte was correct. There was a five-hundred piece puzzle of the Portland Head Lighthouse tucked away on a shelf.

     When the Nubble Lighthouse was opened, I barely had an opportunity to put in any pieces. It looked like both Monte and Lois could be puzzle addicts. I did have the unchallenged opportunity of gluing the puzzle together.

     More proof of their addiction was evident when the second puzzle, the Portland Head Lighthouse, was opened. They struggled to return to their sports game when the ads were over.

     The second puzzle was completed, with my minimum help, but I again have the opportunity to glue the pieces to cardboard so I can hang it with the poster and photograph.

     Knowing the two are addicted, I went to the garage, where I had stored several puzzles. I chose a five-hundred-plus piece waiting to be put together. It was a beautiful picture of a bejeweled horse with a bejeweled knight rider. It pictured Saint George and the Dragon, a statue at the Residenz Muzeum in Munich, Germany. It was appealing because Monte and I had visited Munich in 2000. 

     As it turns out, the puzzle pieces fit together in a maddening fashion—any puzzle-doer will know what this means—being driven to insanity. I had to chase Lois home one night so she would get enough sleep to get up on time to go to work the next morning. Monte concentratedly works on the puzzle in most of his free time—or on time he should be doing something else! I work on the puzzle only long enough to fit together three pieces—and that is maddeningly long.

     The revelation that there are two puzzle addicts doing the puzzles encourages me to seek the most difficult puzzle I can find. Where did I put that round puzzle with the oddly shaped pieces titled Little Red Riding Hood’s Hood? 

     Tormenting these two people is a perfect way for me to celebrate National Puzzle Day.



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