Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

March 14, 2011

Nissan’s March 2011 Sale Ads Are Insensitive



     The cars rolled off a stage in an orderly fashion, then rolled back up onto the stage in the same orderly fashion.

     My husband Monte and I had the same reaction: Why is this ad being aired?

     While returning to our Southwestern Pennsylvania home following a short trip to Chicago, Illinois, Monte and I fell victim to the epidemic bug rampant not only in Pennsylvania, but in Illinois—and perhaps most of the country. While staying in a motel recuperating the earthquake/tsunami combination hit Japan. One of the scenes I saw aired repeatedly was of cars rolling off the edge of roads into the tumultuous waters of the tsunami.

     Granted, the ad for the Nissan sales event, ending March 31, was undoubtedly made before the catastrophic Japan events. Certainly, however, some adjustments could be made in light of the latest news.

     Monte and I found the ad very distasteful. I wonder if Nissan Motor Company, Ltd., headquartered in Japan, is aware of the effect of their ad. Certainly if Monte and I agree (a rare occurrence worthy of being marked on the calendar) then others must notice too.

     In light of the devastation in Japan, this comment on an advertisement may seem like a small whine. Perhaps it is. I’d like to think, however, that it points out some insensitivity on the part of a major corporation.

     Our hearts go out to the people in Japan.



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