Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

March 29, 2011

Bearing Children at an Extreme Age



Headline: Woman, 67, gives birth to twins.

     When I was a child I firmly stated that I wanted to be a teacher and have twelve children.

    Life doesn’t work out according to our plan. My application to teacher’s college was rejected, and I had infertility problems.

     I changed career directions, becoming a medical laboratory technician first, then human services worker.

     My husband Monte and I adopted our oldest child, Sandy. For some unexplainable reason I became pregnant with my son Nolan when Sandy was eleven months old (I blamed it on the Washington, D. C., water).

     Infertility doesn’t run in either of our families. Monte was the tenth child in his family, born when his mother was in her forties. My mother gave birth to her last child in May, 1963, the year I graduated from the community college.

     I pulled an article dated December 31, 2006. Its headline: Woman, 67, gives birth to twins. A 66 year old woman, who gave birth to a baby girl in January 2005, lost her record of being the oldest woman to give birth.

     Apparently, all five of the persons involved are doing fine.

     The unidentified mother of the twins conceived through IVF treatments. The baby was born in a Barcelona, Spain, hospital.

     Romanian Adriana Iliescu became pregnant with twins, but one died in the womb.

     I am 67 years old, and cannot conceive of going through all the hoops necessary to become pregnant, then carrying and delivering the probable multiple births. And afterwards—chasing the toddlers and driving the teenagers around, doing the latter in my eighties—oh, my!

     Before becoming pregnant with my son I was dealing with the fact that I might never have the experience of growing and birthing a child. That process is a tough one.

     Are these women married? Had they worked on the issues of infertility, or had the issue taken control of their lives?

     May God bless both the mothers and the children. Hopefully the mothers have a strong support system to turn to.

     They’ll need it.


An unidentified newspaper clipping found in my files.





Fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath


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