Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

April 11, 2011

Don’t Drive a Disabled Vehicle



     The writer to the automobile advice columnist said that his wife is afraid to drive their car because when it was time to stop the brake pedal went to the floor—she swerved, went up on a sidewalk and superficially hit another car.

     The advice columnist, Brad Bergholdt, answered that he understood the concerns. It’s unthinkable to drive the vehicle until the cause was identified. This is a highly unusual problem…


     When the children were younger we had a bright yellow car. It was fitting for our family needs. However, when I was driving it just stopped. No braking. Just cruising down the road. And it stopped.

     Thankfully, there were no other cars on the road at the time. The car did start up again, and off we went.

     This situation repeated itself several times. The last time it happened, I had the kids in the car, and there was a car behind me. Fortunately, the driver wasn’t tailgating. Had he been doing so we the results could have been dramatically disastrous.

     Unlike Bergholdt my husband didn’t take me seriously. His response: it didn’t happen to him when he was behind the wheel, so it wasn’t serious rather than  It’s unthinkable to drive the vehicle until the cause was identified. This is a highly unusual problem…

     I finally just refused to drive the car. It still didn’t happen to him, but he took it to a mechanic. And it didn’t happen to the mechanic.

     I still refused to drive the car.

     Finally, it did happen. I’m not sure whether the problem ever was resolved. But, not knowing what the problem was made me not determined not to drive the yellow bird.

     This hasn’t happened to another car. But if something risky like that happens to me now, years later, I won’t wait so long. Once a problem occurs, it is time to take action. If there is a dangerous, undiagnosed, problem with a car I just won’t drive it.

     It’s not worth the risk.



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