Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

April 29, 2011

Hats at a Royal Wedding



     Unless the English have bigger heads than I do, or unless they produce better “fitting” hats in England than what you can find in local American department stores, many persons in the crowd at William and Kate’s Royal Wedding today will be wearing hats that are too big for them. The only place that I can find hats that fit me is the flea markets, where they sell old fashioned hats in a smaller size than is manufactured today. I’ve had other hat-wearers relate to me the same difficulty in finding hats.

     Speaking of hats, William and Kate’s Royal Wedding guests and fans wore hats, hats of all kinds, shapes, and creativeness.

     I can picture myself throwing Kate’s mother’s hat, like a Frisbee, to a game-playing partner. I found it interesting that the trim on her hat seemed to pass through her hat rim, appearing on the underside of the hat to rest on her hair. 

     The queen mother yellow hat, simple but elegant, completed her monochrome outfit, fitting for her estate.

      Some of the hats seemed designed to disguise the wearers, their downward-curved wide brim hiding their faces while acting as a barrier to the view.

     One hat looked like a flower filled canoe moving up toward the sky, leaving the space where her eyebrows would meet. Another hat reminded me of a drawing of curved lines.

     Spectators were creative. There was a man wearing a red hat covered with white netting, and sporting long red and white feathers. Another man, interviewed by BBCA, wore a creation he designed, his 75th hat. It included reproductions of William and Kate, in wedding attire, next to a Harley Davidson on which they could ride into the future.

     All in all, the hats were an artistic display that was fun to look at. And I can assume, particularly for the Royal Family and most of their guests, that their hats were special designs that were made to fit their heads.



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