Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

May 2, 2011

Are There Advantages to the Alabama 4/27/2011 Tornadoes?




     Tragic events cause people to evaluate their lives and take stock. Below are excerpts from a Huntsville , Alabama, newspaper editorial following the April 27, tornadoes:

  • We can take stock of things we so often take for granted – electricity, ample gasoline, 24-7 grocery stores, warm showers, telephone and Internet connections, streets made safer with traffic signals.
  • The disaster has peeled us away from our TVs and our seemingly endless busywork and forced us outside to mingle with – and help – our neighbors.
  • It has introduced us to conservation measures like using solar-powered lighting, bicycling rather than driving, and trickle showers with water warmed by sun-bathed garden houses. The long lines have tested our patience and served as a true barometer of our character. Mostly, we’ve taken those waits in stride.
  • Our children have gotten exposed to creative outdoor playing and perhaps discovered the joys of a good book or delighting in a starry sky made more magnificent by the blackness.
  • We may have been battered, but we will not be defeated. We may have stumbled, but we will not fall, for we live in a community that believes in helping thy neighbor – and strangers, too… Alabama and the Huntsville area are resilient. We have traveled these roads before and have emerged stronger from it.*

     “It was so nice to wake up this morning and still hear birds chirping,” wrote Donny Claxton on his April 29th blog post. He continued: And that was so true, so accurate and so poignant.**


* By John Peck and Mike Hollis for the editorial board. Email: and




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