Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

May 4, 2011

Open Adoption Issues in Pennsylvania



     Below is a comment I made on the following site, after learning about Pennsylvania House Bill 963, introduced by Rep. Benninghoff, which authorizes the Pennsylvania Bureau of Vital Statistics to disclose the original or amended copy of a birth certificate upon the written request of an adoptee age 18 or older.(NOTE: the comment does not appear to have taken.) To read a copy of the bill introduced by Benninghoff click on:

     Understanding adoptions from the vantage point of having done adoption home studies, foster parented biomoms who plan to release their child for adoption, counseling adoptees, being an adoptive parent, and having recently united with a sibling released for adoption, I must say I favor open adoption laws.

     People have a need to know who they are. Knowledge of both the good and the not so good aids this process. Without the information there is always a gap. Perhaps that  is why there are so many persons on search sites, seeking answers.

     There is the right to privacy for the adoption triad—bioparents, adoptive parents, and adoptees.

     When a situation arises that is unpleasant, there are no good solutions. Also, no person can predict how a circumstance will ultimately turn out. At the time a child is released for adoption, hopefully it is the best solution available.

     Knowledge often brings pain. But then, so does lack of knowledge. Thus, the argument that pain will result with the revelation of the truth is a moot point.

     Support the right to know, but do it with the understanding of and preparation for the unknown results.



Adoptee Finds Biological Family: Mine


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