Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

May 7, 2011

Farewell, Army Reserve Capt. Joshua McClimans



     The mayor of a small western Pennsylvania town (Jamestown,  population 626**)  says her grandson, an Army nurse, has been killed by a sniper in Afghanistan. .

     Jamestown mayor Esther McClimans tells The Herald newspaper of Sharon that Army reserve Capt. Joshua McClimans was killed Friday (April 22, 2011***)near Kabul.

     The mayor says Army officials came to the town about 75 miles northwest of Pittsburgh to notify Michael McClimans, the soldier’s father.

     McClimans graduated in 1998 from Jamestown High School…He was a standout wrestler at the school.* In recent months he lived near Akron where he has a 6-year-old son and had planned to continue schooling to become an anesthetic nurse.*

     McClimans, 30, was killed by indirect fire during an attack by insurgents at Forward Operating Base Salerno, in Afghanistan’s Khost Province, on Friday, according to the Department of Defense** while on his way to work at Forward Operating Base Salerno, in Khost province near Kabul. He was a member of the 848th Forward Surgical Team based in Twinsburg, Ohio.

     The captain would have turned 31 on May 12. He graduated in 1998 from Jamestown High School and recently had lived near Akron, Ohio.****


     Jamestown was my hometown between 1990 and 1995. I didn’t know the McClimans family, and we left the town sixteen years ago. My sympathy is extended to the McClimans family.

     On Thursday, May 5, I phoned a friend Jamestown friend. She told me there was a threat that members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church have indicated they would arrive in Jamestown to picket the funeral. They often picket military funerals, and carry signs bearing vulgar messages. Needless to say, their presence is neither desired or welcomed.

      My friend said the community residents were on edge, but were preparing for the possible arrival of the demonstrators. Every veteran who could would be there to clog the roads, and there would be enough cars and people in addition to block the roads into town (all three or four of them).

     “This soldier wasn’t shooting. He was healing,” she said, indicating that the group ought to do better things.

     Fortunately, the protestors didn’t arrive, and the funeral proceeded peacefully. But the residents were prepared. That’s the kind of town Jamestown is.








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