Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day & Scenes of My Flowers



     Today was Mother’s Day. My new sister, Darlene, sent me an angel pin.

     I spoke with my elder sister Nancy Lee earlier this week. She was overjoyed that a pair of cardinals were hanging out near her back patio (she’s not allowed to have bird feeders or bird houses where she lives). She thought I had shared this story with Darlene because Darlene had sent her a pin too—of a cardinal! I assured Nancy Lee that I hadn’t told Darlene of her—our—love of cardinals.

     In the morning I ate breakfast at Eat & Park Restaurant with my daughter Sandy, her husband, and my granddaughter, and my husband. After returning home, I decided to hang my bird feeders and bird houses, and transplant seedlings I had started or purchased. It was a full afternoon, after which I took in the views of the plants on our property. I had shot them (with my camera) earlier in the week. Below are some of the pictures.


Bridge adds a new dimension to the stream beside our house.

Carpet of blue between a pear and a peach tree.


Carpet of blue under the old apple tree.Ice pansies add a splash of orange to the blues, purples, and whites

    I finished out the day visiting with a former neighbor on my patio, and talking with a good friend, Arlene. Neither had heard of my being contacted by Darlene, so it was fun sharing the story. then I finished an Uno game with Lois—and came out from way behind to win, to my utter amazement.


It’s Mother’s Day, so below is a link to writings by my mother:

Visit these two writing blogs for enjoyable reading:


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