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May 14, 2011

Osprey in Pennsylvania



    Osprey Rebounding Throughout Pennsylvania cheerfully screamed the headline of the Spring 2001 issue of the Keystone Wile! Notes.

     Yes, a news magazine this old was found among my papers. Not to be the discussion of this post, however. The fact is, I created posts about osprey in New York’s St. Lawrence Valley and on Maine’s Googins Island last August (links below). Thus, this headline captured my attention.

     Ospreys became scarce in Pennsylvania due to habitat destruction, water pollution, shootings, and effects of insecticides on their reproductive capabilities. According to the article, less than (three) decades ago not a single osprey could call the Keystone State its home.

     In 2001 the Pennsylvania Game Commission reported Pennsylvania had fifty pair of nesting osprey. Two years earlier there was forty pair of nesting osprey.

     This count is the result, for the most part, of a reintroduction program that brought two-hundred sixty five young osprey to the state from the Chesapeake Bay, releasing them between 1980 and 1996. In 2000 the program focused on three regions: the Poconos (sixteen to eighteen nests); Tioga County (eleven nests), and Butler County (eleven nests).

      Later, I will follow up with a post on what has happened since 2001 to the osprey population. But for tonight, I wanted to focus on this article, written in 2001.


Keystone WILD! Notes, Spring 2001, pp 3   



Googins Island, Maine: An Osprey Sanctuary

Osprey in New York’s St. Lawrence Valley

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