Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

May 16, 2011

About College Remedial Classes



     Perhaps the educational system should add a thirteenth year to their educational system—a year geared for remedial courses that address high-school level skills necessary for college courses.

     Currently, Pennsylvania colleges set aside an unacceptable amount of money in their budget for remedial classes. According to a new analysis by the Alliance for Excellent Education, a national education advocacy group, Remedial college courses cost Pennsylvania $153 million a year…That figure includes $94 million in tuition for classes, classes not counting toward the postsecondary degree, classes that address high-school level skill development.

     It’s not just a Pennsylvania problem. Data from 2007-2008 demonstrates that remedial education costs colleges in the United States $5.6 billion annually, including $3.6 billion in tuition. One in three students requires a remedial course…

     At the time that my husband Monte retired from college teaching, 1982, there were concerns that watering down college curriculum was necessary to meet the needs of the incoming students. Rumors began that college degrees were becoming the result of mere post-high school classes. The challenges of college courses were being muted.

     If one third of today’s college students need remedial classes, the smoke from those rumors have proven that there is a fire. Isn’t it time to return college classes into college classes, not advanced high school studies?



Remedial college costs blasted, Greensburg Tribune-Review, May 6, 2011, B1



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