Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

May 18, 2011

Women Pilots



     The headline read More women taking off as pilots.*

     Maybe so. But it took me back to a warm summer day in 1965, when a friend, Lisa, took me, my friend Pat, and a coworker to a private airport somewhere in the Buffalo, New York, area. The reason: she had her pilot’s license and was going to take us flying.

     Lisa was a friend I met at church. Pat was a high school friend. The coworker was a young man from Poland who was a science researcher at the University of Buffalo lab where I had acquired a job several months earlier. His name was Speshick (phonetically spelled…).

     Lisa took us up in the plane, one at a time. It was my first flight. I was awed at the freedom of being airborne, and thrilled that Lisa turned the controls over to me briefly. I didn’t even have a driver’s license, and I was flying a small airplane! The experience was exhilarating. The sky was clear, cloudless, and the view panoramic.

     So when I read that women held 42,218—6.7 percent—of the nation’s 627,588 pilot certificates in 2010, up almost 18.6 percent since 2000, I think of the mid-summer flight of fancy I took in 1965. And I wonder—how many women held pilot certificates at that time.



*Greensburg Tribune-Review, May 18, 2011, B1



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