Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

May 30, 2011

Is Charles F. Walker the Unidentified Civil War Soldier in East Lamoine (ME) Cemetery?





     Another Memorial Day observation, and I have yet to come closer to locating the written information that will determine definitively that Charles F. Walker, my great- great- grandfather is buried in the East Lamoine Cemetery gravesite labeled in the town records as an unidentified Civil War Veteran.

     In a town as small as Lamoine I cannot understand that there could be a debate on this issue. I would think there would be a search for supporting documentation, instead.

     There are no written records confirming that Charles F(rench) Walker, or his wife Armenia Des Isles, are buried in the cemetery. The funeral home records are lost. The cemetery does not have them on record. Yet, it is Armenia’s family cemetery, and her body after her death was shipped to Lamoine, Maine from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

     The unidentified Civil War Veteran rests in a plot with six gravesites. No one knows who owns the plot. I was told the unknown soldier is the only grave site with someone resting eternally in it. My husband questions this, after examining the site.

     Much circumstantial evidence supports that the plot was owned by Charles F. Walker. However, there is not a shred of written evidence supporting this contention.

     Charles F. Walker has missed being honored for 119 Decoration/Memorial Days. I’d like to see this change in the future. If anyone has any evidence to support my contention that Charles F. Walker is the unidentified Civil War Veteran resting in East Lamoine Cemetery, please contact me in the comment box below or via E-mail:  chollandnews at

     The unidentified soldier should have a name, and Charles F. Walker should have a burial site.


     My husband Monte and I attended the Memorial Day observation in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, our home region. Our granddaughter Jordan helped carry the banner for the school band. She is beginning to take baton lessons, but hasn’t done it long enough to have marched with the batoners.

     In mid-afternoon we went to my daughter’s house. My daughter’s husband, Michael, cooked ribs on the grill, hamburgers and hot dogs. They had potato salad, three bean salad, baked beans. We contributed a pineapple sprinkled with special sugar from Hawaii, and surrounded with huge strawberries. It was a light party this  year, since Michael’s job keeps him pretty busy this year.

     Back home, I sent letters to the editor to newspapers in Ellsworth, Augusta, and Bangor, Maine, with similar information on Charles Walker and East Lamoine Cemetery.



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