Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

June 1, 2011

Missing Missus Cardinal



     It appears that my colorful mail cardinal has lost his mate.

     Since the weather has permitted me to sit on my patio, I’ve enjoyed him flying to and from my bird feeder, and his calling to his mate. Soon she, too, is flitting about the bird feeder. My tripod-mounted camera clicks away at the birds, hoping to capture a unique photograph. They seem to ignore the first few clicks, looking towards me, and then shortly fly off.

     For over a week I’ve heard Mr. Cardinal calling to his Missus. At first, he would also fly around the feeder. Then that stopped, but his mournful calls continued. The only conclusion is that something happened to his Missus.

     Today, a smaller Mr. Cardinal appeared in my yard. He sat in a tree. His Missus was with him. They seemed reluctant to fly to the feeder, shy perhaps. Both are still small, most likely the children of the previous Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal.

     I wonder what happened to Missus Cardinal. I hope she wasn’t caught by a feral cat. I hope she just decided she wanted another Mister and flew off with her new love.

     Perhaps the first Mr. Cardinal will find a new mate and return to the feeder. I do miss seeing his bright red color against the brown bark behind the feeder. But for now, I must welcome the new couple and try to capture their image with my camera.  



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  1. Perhaps Mrs Cardinal is setting on eggs in her nest. We had one in NC outside our porch & she seldom left.

    Comment by Gladys — June 5, 2011 @ 8:29 pm | Reply

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