Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

June 3, 2011

Writing About a 1790 Journey to Ohio



Many newcomers to the United States seemed content to settle down upon the coast, whence they could look out upon the expanse of ocean which separated

them from the ideas and theories they had left forever when they spread their sails to the heaven-invoked breezes which were to waft them to a strange but prolific world…unknown source

     The French emigrants who came over to the United States to fulfill their dream of creating a garden of Eden in this country might well have contented themselves by remaining on the seacoast. The Ohio land, for which they held what proved to be invalid deeds, was a long, difficult, land and water journey from the Atlantic Ocean. They climbed steep mountains, at times so steep they had to push the wagons to help the oxen move them up the mountain. It was definitely primitive transportation. They had to keep the wagons on rutted path-like trails. Then they had to ford rivers—Savage River, the Youghiogheny among them. They had to beware of wild animals and hostile Indians. Their food supplies were often meager. The weather was hot at times, rainy at other times. Then there was the autumn sail up the Monongahela River and down the Ohio River on flatboats.

     Most of these emigrants were from the upper crust of France. If anything, they received a dose of difficult life—although, it must have been less difficult than being embroiled in the French Revolution.

     This is the chapter I’m writing in my historic romance novel this week. It’s been difficult sorting out the facts, the travel route, the adventures. But it’s also been an adventure. And it’s keeping me out of trouble!

     Tomorrow I will have the chapter written, ready for rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting, and in the process making certain my historical facts are correct. What fun!

     This is where I am—living in the past lane—living in 1790.

     It’s simply where I am.


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