Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

June 4, 2011

Poison Ivy! Not Again!



     Last evening, just before dinner, I noticed three bites on my forearm. Or so I thought, as I watched the itchy red welts grow. Country life, with its gardening and patio enjoyment, had its risks.

     During dinner the bites began to itch more. Then more welts appeared. In an hour, there was a line of big red welts marching over the back of my hand. That’s when I realized that this was more than mere bug bites—it was poison ivy.

     I immediately treated it—since I was at my friend’s house, and she is a retired nurse, I took her advice and patted alcohol on the red marks, using a Q-tip. It muted the itching, but the welts remained.

     Several years ago I had a bout with poison ivy. My first experience with the plant. I had foolishly been weeding, bare-handed, adjacent to a new path constructed between my house and my daughter’s house. Unfortunately, the “weeds” were in a patch of poison ivy. It was weeks before I was able to control the results. I hope that getting to the rash early will keep it under control.

     Where did I come into contact with the poison ivy? When I was weeding next to my house, I noticed some small, shiny leaves in one handful of weeds. Was that it? Or did I pat my neighbor’s dog after it lolled in a patch of poison ivy? Not sure. Either way, I hope not to repeat my previous experience. I’ll keep you informed.

     Meanwhile, I advise y’all to keep out of those patches, or single plants, of shiny leaves identified as poison ivy. They are more than willing to punish you by sharing their poisons and allergens.



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