Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

June 7, 2011

All Lifestyles Offer Risks




     There are risks in all chosen lifestyles. Thus, when the headline stated that an Amish woman succumbs to burns and the sub-headline stated Medical treatment might have saved her, coroner says, I thought about the simpler life the Amish choose to live. It may be simpler, but it’s not without risks.

     Early in the morning, Ella D. Miller, 32, was heating water to do laundry. Not having the utilities the “English” have, she was heating the water over a wood fire. She apparently threw kerosene from a plastic container onto the flames, resulting in an explosion that caught her clothing on fire.

     She was treated with home remedies.  

     The coroner wishes she had gone to a medical facility. That may have made a difference…

     It might have. But then, it might not have.

     Regardless, her choice of lifestyle, truly, wasn’t the cause of the situation. In any chosen lifestyle, it the unwise use of kerosene to feed a fire is high risk behavior. It happens to the English who feed fires in the same manner…

     And the risk of Mrs. Miller not being moved to a hospital? It seems her clothing—the long simple dress of the Amish lifestyle—caught fire. It’s likely her burns were severe. Hospital care might not have been sufficient to save her life. We can only speculate…


Amish woman succumbs to burns, Greensburg Tribune-Review, June 2, 2001, pp B1



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