Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

June 11, 2011

Abuse Dehumanizes Both Victim and Abuser



Abuse—on anyone’s part, at any time, whether physical or psychological—is dehumanizing and detrimental to another’s dignity and self-respect.*

     The above statement is true. However, it doesn’t go far enough. Not only is the victim dehumanized and suffer a loss of dignity and self-respect. The abuser is also dehumanized and loses dignity and self-respect.

     How humanizing is it to feel so inferior, so powerless, that you have to demean someone else, to push them down so you can step on them in order to feel like a big person?

     Abuse is a relationship issue that involves each member of the relationship. Both lose dignity and respect. Both need help and support.

     Abuse can have many contributing factors. But whatever the trigger may be, when abuse occurs, your best option is to seek outside help, and refuse to settle into a long-range situation of domestic violence.*

     No one deserves to be abused. And no one deserves to be an abuser.


*When Home is Not a Haven by Malcolm Boyd. Modern Maturity, January-February 1997, pp 60



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