Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

June 12, 2011

Is Jail Preferable to Being Self-Sufficient?




     While living in another community there was a young man who was jailed for robbery. Immediately after his release he committed another crime which sent him right back to jail. The consensus of his friends was that he either didn’t want to be or didn’t know how to be self-sufficient, and that he found in jail he didn’t have to be, that he would be taken care of. Ultimately, they said, his crimes would escalate until he was put in jail for life. Jail in this case seemed preferable to self-sufficiency.

     I don’t know what the future held for this young man. We moved to another community shortly after he was put in jail for the second time.

     It was a sad commentary, brought back to mind by a newspaper story. David Bush, 36, was charged with firing a shotgun at police officers before they shot him, critically wounding him, during a SAT standoff.

     Three months previously, Bush was charged with shooting another man in the parking lot of the county police headquarters.  He was arraigned and released on bail the same day.

     It makes me wonder if Bush and the young man I knew experienced the same need to have someone just take care of them—and they view jail is their caretaker.

     The judge who set Bush’s original bail said A person who uses a firearm and attempts to injure someone—you don’t want them out there to do it again…

     As I ponder these two situations, I wonder how many repeat offenders committing escalating crimes do so as a means of dependency.

     Just wondering.


SWAT team shoots gunman in standoff, Greensburg Tribune-Review, June 2, 2011, B3



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