Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

June 17, 2011

Extenuating Circumstances?



An Irwin woman kicked an emergency medical technician in the chest (outside the hospital) in Greensburg…(she) was arraigned…on aggravated assault and harassment charges…(she) used both feet to kick the EMT in the chest as he was removing her from an ambulance…The EMT suffered chest bruising and was treated at the hospital…(the patient) was being taken to the hospital because of seizures…*

     I guess I was lucky. It was 1984. I’d broken my leg by falling down the marble steps at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. I went to an orthopedist at the beginning of the following week.

     What you must know is that the bottoms of my feet are super-sensitive. No one touches them without putting themselves in harm’s way.

     The nurse came in to prepare me for the doctor’s visit. She took my foot in her hand. I reflexively kicked her. We warned the doctor. He took my foot during the examination. I kicked him, too.

     Neither nurse nor doctor was injured. But I wonder if, in today’s society, they could have sued me for aggravated assault and harassment. And would the penalties of their lawsuit be covered under the theater’s insurance policy?

     I wasn’t on the scene when this woman kicked the EMT. Were there extenuating circumstances? She was having seizures. Were her actions a result of the seizures? Or was she simply a belligerent patient?

     Still, I am warned. I must be careful not to reflexively kick medical personnel who inadvertently touch the bottoms of my feet. If I do so, I might end up in court.


*Greensburg Tribune-Review, May 26, 2011, pp D2



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