Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

June 28, 2011

Bye-bye Borders Bookstore?



     While my husband Monte and I were visiting the Chicago area the first weekend in March this year, we stayed with my newfound sister, Darlene. On Saturday morning, while Monte went to a wrestling match at Northwestern University, Darlene took me into Chicago to meet my nephew Zeshan. After breakfast, Zeshan took me for a driving tour of the city I had never visited before. I snapped the following picture, through the car window, of a Borders Bookstore sporting a store closing sign:

     When Borders Group, Inc., filed for bankruptcy protection in February 2010, lovers of traditional books went into a mourning of the end of an era. Initially the company indicated that it would sell two hundred stores of its four hundred stores, but that number eventually decreased to forty.

     The closings of the forty stores now have a temporary reprieve. The company hopes to sell itself to a stalking horse* auction bidder it will name July 1. The stores will only be closed if the sale doesn’t go through.**

     There are no Borders Bookstores in the area where I live, but I do occasionally visit one when I visit Buffalo, New York. I haven’t checked if it is closing, but if it does, it will be sad.

     What is more sad is the devaluation of traditional books. Is it a loss we will live to regret? I suspect ‘tis so.

*A “stalking horse” is an initial bidder for a company in a bankruptcy auction. A higher bidder may materialize.


** Business Briefing, Greensburg Tribune-Review, June 21, 2011, pp B8



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