Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

July 9, 2011




Mahleb can be used in bread and pastries and has a light flavor similar to vanilla. It can be in powder or in chunks, depending on how one is to use it…

     It is the pit of the sour cherry that grows on a small Eurasion ornamental tree called the mahaleb tree. It is a member of the rose family. These little pits, either ground or whole, have been used for centuries in the Middle East (particularly Turkey and Syria) as a sweet-sour, nutty addition to traditional sweet breads, desert cookies and biscuits.*

     The spice has many a.k.a.s:

  • Mahalabi, Mahaleb(i), Mahlab, Mahiepi, Marlev, St Lucie’s Cherry
  • French: mahaleb
    German: Mahaleb
    Italian: mahaleb
    Spanish: mahaleb
    Greek: mahiepi
    Arabic: mahlab, mahleb**

It is carried by Penzey’s Ltd. Spice House, P. O. Box 1448, Waukesha, WI, 53817 (414-457-0277). A ½ cup plastic jar costs $1.29 plus shipping and handling.*


*Undated, unidentified article found in a box of papers




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