Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

July 13, 2011

To Be a Neighbor…




     A story reports the survival of a toddler who fell ten stories. A woman, Wu Juping, who was passing by, caught the child.

     The child’s grandmother, who was in charge of the two year old, had left the tenth floor apartment to run an errand. Neighbors watched as the child dangled from an apartment window for several minutes before she fell.

     Neighbors saw the toddler dangling from the apartment window for several minutes; when the girl fell, Wu Juping, thirty one years old, “kicked off her high-heeled shoes” and ran to catch the child. She said she thought of her own seven-month-old son, who had once fallen from a high chair and cut his mouth: “I thought to myself ‘I should stretch my arms to her. Because I am right here, I must get her.’ Then I made it. I caught her in my arms.” **

     Wu’s catch sent her crumbling to the ground, knocked her out and left her with a broken arm.

     The toddler was in critical condition with internal bleeding and other unspecified injuries.**




CHILDREN LEFT HOME ALONE (or in cars alone)

A Theological Perspective on Child Abuse

“All My Children:” Susan Lucci & Erica Kane


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