Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

July 15, 2011

Talking to Plants



     Talking to plants? Royalty doing it?

     Well, why not?

     Prince Cuckoo:  Tonight at 8 on BBC Two, Prince Charles admits in a documentary not only that he talks to plants and trees …

     Well, perhaps I, too, am cuckoo, like England’s Prince Charles—because I, too, will sometimes talk to my plants.

     …but that he listens to what they have to say, too.

     Do I listen to my plants? Certainly—they tell me in their unique, drooping, nonverbal behavior if they need more light, if they are thirsty, if they are unhappy.

     There’s no indication what those plants and trees say or in what tongue they say it.

     Perhaps if I could understand plant-ese or tree-ese I would be able to carry on a verbal conversation. But then, as bad as I am at languages, perhaps not.

     The UK Press Association reports the man who would be king of England says speaking to the plants keeps him “relatively sane.”

    Well…many persons question my sanity, even though I too claim to be “relatively sane.” However, as I meet more and more persons who admit to talking to their plants I have a feeling that it’s an in the closet event. With Prince Charles’s admission, maybe some of these persons will come out of their closet.

      Had he not left the insanity door ajar, we would have.

     Maybe the writer of this editorial should have left the insanity door closed. Perhaps it’s a sign of his/her insanity that he/she would even consider taking up newspaper space with his comments.


Greensburg Tribune Review, Sept 23, 2010, Editorial page




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