Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

July 17, 2011

Gold-Star Stories July 10, 2011



Found in the July 10, 2001 Newspaper*

A three-year-old child fell through a rotted plywood cover of a forty-foot well near his grandfather’s home. Because he was learning how to swim, he was able to stay afloat in water ten feet deep. His father climbed down the stone walls of the well to rescue him. A rescue team helped carry the boy to safety.  pp C10


Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, is making an effort to confront domestic violence in his state. Domestic violence is a problem in our state and it’s this type of abuse that is ripping apart families, friends, and entire communities. We can no longer stay silent. We must speak out and as governor I pledge to do just that,” Le Page said in his weekly radio address. pp A11


Prison inmates from the Mansfield and Richland correctional institutions are displaying—and selling—their paintings, jewelry, baskets, and other items they created. They will donate some of the money they raise to the American Red Cross fund for the victims of a rash of tornadoes that occurred this spring. Other proceeds of the sale will go towards to purchase art supplies.   pp C6


Greensburg Tribune-Review, July 10, 2011



Tourism in Brownsville, Pennsylvania

Water’s Dangers Should Be Heeded

A Sense of Place


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