Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

July 18, 2011

Osprey in Southwestern Pennsylvania




     Last year my husband Monte and I spent the July week between his family reunion and his class reunion at Black Lake, New York. It was here that I saw my first osprey nest, and took my first osprey pictures.

     While at the July 3, 2011, Ligonier, Pennsylvania, Sunday evening band concert, I spoke with a young couple. The husband is involved with the aviary in Pittsburgh. He informed me that there is an osprey nest at Donegal Lake, off Route 711, south of Ligonier and Stahlstown. This is a popular trout fishing area in Donegal Township, and will be the first Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission  property in Southwestern Pennsylvania to be drilled for Marcellus shale natural gas*. But then, that is another story.

     Before seeing the osprey in northern New York last year, Monte and I had visited Googins Island in Maine. There was a sign saying we weren’t allowed on the island—it is an osprey refuge. At the time we had no idea what an osprey was, nor were we aware how to identify their nests.

     But to have an osprey nest so close to home—that is a delight. I haven’t had the opportunity to drive to the local lake to view—if not photograph—the osprey so close to my backyard. Perhaps I will take a day off and visit Donogal Lake, have dinner at a nearby restaurant, and enjoy that section of Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

     But here is a picture of an osprey I took while visiting Black Lake again, in 2011, in Northern New York:



Osprey in New York’s St. Lawrence Valley

Googins Island, Maine: An Osprey Sanctuary

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