Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

July 24, 2011

The Story Behind My Given Name: Carolyn



     My given name, Carolyn Virginia, is different than any other name in the family genealogy. There is no other Carolyn…and no other Virginia. When I once asked my mother where my name came from, she said it was the name of a character in a novel she read. She couldn’t recall the title, though.

     One day I sat at my computer and researched popular novels in the early 1940s. No results. No novel showed up with a character Carolyn. I must admit I didn’t research every novel—I am not a glutton for punishment.

     I could create a family myth by claiming that I was named after my great-great grandfather Charles—Carolyn is a feminine form of that name.  He was a Civil War Veteran who wed Armenia des Isles in Trenton (or Lamoine) Maine, granddaughter of an original French settler from the early 1790s. No information exists to prove he is buried in East Lamoine Cemetery, although 98% of the circumstantial evidence supports that fact.

     After my parents were divorced my father remarried. He and his second wife had five children. The fourth was the only daughter. My father wanted to name her Carolyn. However, his wife objected because she knew I carried that name. I, the child of his first wife. My father and step-mother named their daughter Kathleen.

     It would be nice to know who I was named after, even if it is a character in a novel. But I guess that will remain one of the family secrets.

(NOTE: The topic for this post is from a prompt for daily 2011 bloggers on May 7, 2011)



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