Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

July 25, 2011

As a Child I Dreamed of Being a Teacher and a Mother




     Life has a way of thwarting the dreams of children. At least, it did in my case.

     Throughout my childhood I had two dreams—I was going to be a teacher and the mother of twelve children. I never saw the impossibility of this dream.

     The years passed by and I was a high school senior. Buffalo State College (in New York) was known for not rejecting applications. I applied. And I was rejected. I wasn’t sufficiently savvy to explore the reasons why. My grades were decent. My interest was high. My life demonstrated that I could make a plan and follow through. My community volunteerism was high. And I had received a coveted high school summer research fellowship at Roswell Park Memorial Institute. Still, I was rejected. Thus, instead of studying to be a teacher, I attended Erie County Technical Institute and became a medical laboratory technologist—a field for which I was far less gifted.

     I recognize today that my dream of being a mother of twelve children was unrealistic. However, being the child of parents who produced at least fourteen children, and being married to a man who was the youngest of ten children, the thought of infertility never entered my mind. However, pregnancy eluded us to the point that we followed through on one of my other dreams, adoption. When my daughter Sandy was eleven months old, a miracle happened: I became pregnant with my son, Nolan.

     Infertility. A nasty word. I discovered the reason for our infertility when I had surgery for an ovarian cyst when I was in my early thirties.

     At age seven I had a severe appendectomy—it had been ruptured for three days before it was diagnosed. The infection that resulted was massive. After my ovarian cyst surgery the doctor told me my right abdomen was solid scar tissue. All my organs were displaced.

     Yes, life had thwarted my dreams. I did go on to teach in nontraditional ways: workshops on family child care, domestic violence issues, and writing. And many persons have considered me their substitute mother.

     Wrinkles in life have a way of smoothing out problems. My life journey has been full of surprises, even if my childhood dreams were not fulfilled in the manner in which I expected them to be.

      I wonder: Did you fulfill your childhood dreams or were they were thwarted? I invite you to share your story in the comment box below.

(NOTE: The topic for this post is from a prompt for daily 2011 bloggers on May 4, 2011)



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