Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

July 30, 2011

Photography Show Theme: Water



     This morning I finished editing pictures for the Westmoreland Photographers Society of Westmoreland County (Pennsylvania) show to be held at the Greensburg Garden Club. I then went to have the pictures printed, pick up mats, and purchase frames.

     I found five appropriate frames for use at shows at the Goodwill Store. I had minimum trouble printing the pictures (although I had to ask the store clerk for help several times). After picking up the mats, I was prepared to complete the job in the two days I had left before the hanging.

     The show’s theme is water. After printing the pictures, I was amazed that the two clerks liked best the photograph I liked least. At a Saturday evening get together with some friends, I asked them to vote—and they picked the same photograph the clerks chose.

     It’s interesting that others see things differently than I do. I liked the clear, crown-like definition of a raindrop in one picture, but they opined that the splash of the raindrop in the second picture better grabbed one’s attention.

     Below are the two pictures. Which one would you vote for? Why? Place your answer in the comment box below.




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