Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

July 31, 2011

Broken Bridges




     This headline in today’s newspaper caught my eye. Immediately thoughts flitted across my mind…thoughts of all the broken relationships I’m hearing about…interpersonal, intercommunity, international…broken bridges that need to be healed before we can experience interpersonal, intercommunity, and international peace.

     My eyes turned to the article: PennDOT is spending more than $63 million to fix the deteriorated bridge that stretches more than a half-mile, connecting four Western Pennsylvania counties.

     The half-mile “deteriorated bridge” the article references is the less-than fifty-year-old hulking Freeport Bridge. This steel deck truss bridge spans the Allegheny River about thirty miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

     When Monte and I travel between our Laurel Mountain Borough, Pennsylvania, home to our Slippery Rock property, crossing this bridge is part of our journey. I’ve been unaware of its danger as I’ve ridden over it, enjoying the impressive view of the Allegheny River below the bridge.  

     Four years ago a similar structure, the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. Thirteen persons were killed. One hundred forty five others were injured.* Are we in danger of being dropped in the river when we drive across the bridge span? I hope not—and I hope no one else is, either.

     The bridge needs to be repaired. So do the many relationships being harmed by broken bridges. Perhaps the time has come to heal both types of broken bridges. Maybe then we can begin moving towards peace.


* (the phrase BROKEN BRIDGES appeared in the Greensburg Tribune-Review print newspaper, July 31, 2011)



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