Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

August 6, 2011

Moving to Fayettenam



     Shortly after my husband Monte and I moved to Fayette County, Pennsylvania, a puzzling situation arose.

     One morning I went to my car. When I entered it, I a faint odor of cigarette smoke wafted into my nasal cavity.

     That’s funny, I thought. Neither one of us smokes, nor do we allow smoking in the car except when a passenger is in a crisis situation. Monte didn’t tell me about anyone in crisis. But then, with being a pastor and my being a domestic violence counselor, we don’t share information. But I thought it was unusual that he didn’t at least tell me he had allowed someone to smoke in the car.

     It happened again several days later—then several times later.

     One morning I entered my car and noticed something on the passenger floor of the passenger side of the car. It was a cigarette, wrapped in brown paper. I asked Monte about it. He responded that he knew nothing about it.

     I concluded that someone was entering the car at night and smoking. After that, we made certain the car was locked whenever we were not using it. The smell dissipated and never returned.

     This was just one of the negative experiences we had when we moved into Fayette County, which is nicknamed Fayettenam. To read further on this issue click on: Fayettenam (Pennsylvania)



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