Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

August 19, 2011

I Need More Time! Topic #224


I NEED MORE TIME!  Topic #224


     August 19th, you say?

     Are you sure?

     That darned rug—every time I look for it, it has slipped further out the door. It seems like it’s only June 13, that the summer just started. Now I’m about to celebrate the end of the season.

That darned rug! Wish I could erase the calendar right off of it and repost it on with the real date.

     But no, time keeps slipping away, rolling under the door so fast that I miss the lunar months. Where did the winter season go? And now, you are telling me it’s August? The 19th? How dare you! I had tasks to complete during these summer months. They are sitting there, waiting. If it were truly August, they would have been moved from the TO DO pile to the TO DONE pile. Can you see them sitting there still, in the TO DO pile? So it cannot be August 19th.

     But I see this prompt from is dated August 19th. Could such a premier blog post site be wrong? If not, then I must be going time crazy—losing all those months.

     Alas, ‘tis true. I am time deprived. I can see it now, if I watch closely—that rug is moving faster and faster, slipping out that door.

     Therefore, if I had to choose between having more money or having more time, I guess I would have to say more time. Stop moving, rug! Don’t you hear me? Slow down. Where are you????????????

    I guess I am just not being heard…you say Christmas is coming? Tomorrow? Please say it isn’t so!




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