Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

August 29, 2011

The 2011 Ligonier (PA) Summer Concert Finale




     A generous Ligonier crowd spent Sunday evening sitting under blue skies decorated with white clouds trimmed with dark gray. A soft cool breeze blew over them, a breeze which held the promise of autumn.  Fortunately, the worst weather of Hurricane Irene didn’t hit Ligonier.

     The Somerset County Community Band performed the final concert of Ligonier’s summer Sunday evening concert series. The first half included many show tunes.

     During intermission something flew into my eye. I felt a stinging sensation.  The police offered to call an ambulance, but I wouldn’t do that to the emergency crew. All I needed was a mirror. Which was inside the closed Town Hall building. I sought the head of the Ligonier Chamber of Commerce, and she immediately and graciously opened up the building so I could solve the problem. As soon as I examined my eye in the mirror I saw a good-sized piece of something that must have come from a tree. I quickly removed. The chamber of commerce head told me that before the intermission a bug had flown in and out of her eye.

     After the intermission the cloud cover was thick and dark—now grey clouds were interspersed with white.  A shade descended, removing any semblance of daylight.

     The remainder of the concert was performed under portable stage lights.

      A series of Frank Sinatra songs was performed by soloist Mickey Orange, who not only sings superbly but is a nationally recognized Irish tap dancer. He received a standing ovation.

     The community band’s next selection was Flight of Valor, a piece they commissioned to honor the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93. The band will perform this unbelievably emotional piece at the Flight 93 tenth anniversary on Sunday afternoon, at 2:00 p. m. There was a second standing ovation for the band at the completion of this piece.

     Let’s keep our country in our prayers, the band director requested, as the concert came to a close in weather that came t

     The Ticonderoga March by Leroy Anderson, performed in sweater weather, ended the Ligonier Summer Concert series. As the march was announced my husband Monte leaned over to me, stating that it was a big day for Ticonderoga—which he said was slammed by Hurricane Irene.

     Thus ends the summer in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Tomorrow youngsters head off to school.



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