Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

August 30, 2011

Two Perspectives on Hurricane Irene: August 2011




          Meteorologists have gotten pretty good at figuring out a storm’s path, but predicting its strength is a strubble. they nailed Irene’s track but it weaened more than forecast as it move north.**

     I read the newspaper on August 29, 2011, the day Hurricane Irene had passed through many communities on its trek up the United State’s east coast. Much of it spoke to the winds and flooding caused by the storm, the power outages, the trees downed, and the damage.

     Then there was another perspective: it was underwhelming.

     “First, it was the earthquake; then it was the hurricane,” said Joe Vollen, 29. “But they were really weak. All rain. No wind. It wasn’t fun here; it was kind of boring and I was bothered by it.

     Vollen had sat watching the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and the murky water that lapped against the harbor. After two hours, he was disappointed. He wanted action, a real storm. I guess he doesn’t have to clean up Hurricane Irene’s damage. Nor was he affected by the deaths, many of them caused by fallen trees.

     Chris Hill was visiting Penn Treaty Park along the swollen Delaware River northeast of Philadelphia. He anticipated Hurricane Irene “being a lot stronger than it was. It wasn’t as serious as most people were expecting it to b, which is a good thing.” However, the Delaware River did spill its banks and closed roads in some parts of the city.

     A Ghana native stated it well as he experienced the sun shining and rainbows leaping over the Hudson River—the moments when Hurricane Irene’s eye passed over the river: This is nature. Anything can happen. We are included in whatever happens, and anything can happen right now. The sky, the water, all of it—nature.*

     You take the good with the bad down here, said Bud Buono, 51, who has lived along the Schuykill for 30 years. It’s a different breed of people.***

     On Sunday, the Schuylkill River wreaked havoc, cresting at more than 15 feet in Norristown, inundating homes with muddy water adn flooding streets in Philadelphia.***

     I guess that is the way Mother Nature is—throwing out anything and including us in her actions.


* Unless otherwise stated, quotes are from the following: New Yorkers underwhelmed and Irene engulfs Philly streets; 4 killed in Pa., both articles in the Greensburg Tribune-Review, August 29, 2011, pp. A1

**Experts praise evacuation plans, Greensburg Tribune-Review, August 30, 2011, pp. A6

***Water recedes, Greensburg Tribune-Review, August 30, 2011, pp. A1



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