Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

September 7, 2011

When Lightning Strikes a House




     The news article on a fire caused by lightning repeated the same procedure again:

     On September 1, 2011, West Newton (PA) homeowner Daunice Keslar said she heard a loud clap of thunder…(but) didn’t think lightning had struck her home since she didn’t smell anything burning.

     It was when she went outside to check on nearby homes that neighbors pointed out that smoke was seeping from her house eaves.

     When our house was struck by lightning during a June 1993 storm, I heard a thunder clap so loud that I told my husband Monte it must have hit in the woods between the house and the apartment building we were in, a distance of about one thousand feet. I went to the upstairs apartment to look out the window, and saw nothing.

     Within five minutes the people living in our house called to tell us that it was on fire.

     It seems that houses hit by lightning do not show any immediate evidence of being hit, but be alert: it only takes about five minutes for the evidence to show up. Don’t assume that, on the first inspection, there will be no fire.

     Like I said, I have repeatedly read about this situation and am struck by the similarities of the comment we checked, but there was no fire. A few minutes later, the house was in smoke or in flames.


West Newton woman home when lightning strikes, picture caption, Greensburg Tribune Review, September 2, 2011



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