Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

September 8, 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path



Come…join me in a walk along the path encircling our property… 

The rock in the lower left corner marks the start of the path

We could take the straight-ahead path that leads to my daughter's house, or we could...


...turn left onto the path around the house.

A few years after my husband Monte and I retired to our Laurel Mountain Borough home in Southwestern Pennsylvania we realized it would be nice to have a path through the woods to my daughter’s house. With the help of our children on some rough spots, we accomplished this. Our granddaughter can now skip through the woods to see us anytime she wants to…but then, she’s a teenager now.

For today’s walk along the path, we will turn left and continue walking around the house.  

In the autumn leaves cover the path, and in the winter the path is hidden with snow. The florescent colored ties on the trees mark the path during these times.Looking back on the path to a section that was difficult to construct due to water content. Monte placed logs on the wet spot and covered it with wood chips.This section of the path is usually overgrown. Looking back we see logs Monte placed in a wet spot to create the path.


     I apologize that our walk must end in mid-path, but the remainder pictures do not seem to be uploading.

     I’ve had this happen before. I wonder if, after posting four pictures on a post, there is no more allowed.



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