Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

September 18, 2011

New Yahoo E-mail is Problematic



     I’ve kept getting warnings to update my Yahoo e-mail and have been procrastinating because I’ve heard several complaints about how challenging it is.

     Tonight I had no choice. The only way I can use the e-mail was to update.

     And immediately I experienced my first challenge:

  • When I take a list of e-mail addresses from my address list, I cannot cut any out to put onto a BCC. Nor can I put one address in, and the additional ones in the BCC. Thus, I spent a good 45 minutes tonight typing the emails onto a word document so I can cut and paste them into the proper address locations  

     I’ve found that whenever something is updated I am informed that the updates improve things, and make them easier. Not true. All it is is a setback, a forced relearning experience.

     Then I’m told the relearning is good for me, it activates my brain. What it doesn’t do is allow me the choice of what activity I use to keep my brain active. As a writer involved in three historical writings—a novel and two short stories—I find my brain is quite sufficiently exercised, thank you. I don’t need updates to perform these exercises. Constantly remembering changinging passwords and new formats takes me disconnects me from my real work, writing a historical romance novel.

     Improve the e-mails and other electronic systems by increasing their security. Rearranging, and hiding icons, is not the means by which updates make for friendly usage.

     Otherwise, leave my electronic systems alone!



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