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September 24, 2011

Latrobe Book Festival (9/24/2011) a Success



(9/24/2011) A SUCCESS


Latrobe Book Festival reflected in the glasses of a reader


Joe McGraw calculates a book sale

    On Saturday September 24, 2011, and September 25th the Latrobe Presbyterian Church sponsored a Book Festival. The man behind the initiative was Joe McGraw, a new member of the Beanery Writers Group.

     A major message and thrust of the Festival was to bring awareness to illiteracy in Westmoreland County.

     I attended the event on Saturday and was quite impressed with what Joe accomplished. There were many books for sale, a table with historical displays, materials submitted by authors. Although only two authors were actually present (Larry L. Armstrong and myself) the Festival provided us with an opportunity to increase our public persona.

      For a first time event (Joe said he wants to do this twice a year) there was a decent response from the community. As Joe continues on, I encourage Latrobe area residents to participate in his project—either as authors, book buyers, or literacy educators.


     During the quiet times Larry, Joe’s wife, and I took advantage of a Scrabble board Joe had in one display. Larry was ahead until the last move—and, as competitive at games as I am—I rejoiced that I outscored him on the final move.

     Way to go, Joe! Keep up the good work.

     Anyone interested in helping Joe with the next Latrobe Book Festival, planned next spring, can email him at


     Authors: Larry L. Armstrong and Carolyn Cornell Holland

     The Beanery Writers Group: or .



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