Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

September 26, 2011

Making Sausage Bean Soup



     I made three kettles of soup—beef vegetable, chicken noodle, and sausage bean.

     The first two soups turned out find. But the sausage bean soup…well, after soaking the beans in hot water first and then soaking them two days, the beans were still hard. Cooking didn’t improve the situation to an acceptable degree. What was wrong?

     Then I read that the age of the beans will determine how long it takes them to soften. It’s difficult to know exactly how old your beans are, so be patient if the soup takes a bit longer to cook than the instructions suggest.

     I’ll bet that was the problem. I’d had the beans a while. And who knows how old they were when I purchased them?

     The beans eventually softened to an acceptable degree. However, now I know why it took so long, and will not be surprised if it happens again.

     After all, I really like sausage bean soup. I might try making it again.


     Soup is a vegetarian favorite, Greensburg Tribune-Review, September 25, 2011, pp. F9




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