Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

September 27, 2011

Two Glorious Autumn Days: September, 2011




     After two glorious autumn days we were supposed to have inclement weather today. However, after an all-night rain that left our front yard almost a pond (the constant rain this summer leaves the lawn with less absorption ability), the sky is a light blue with white clouds, and the sun is shining. The cardinals and songbirds are feeding, a chipmunk is stares at me as if to determine if I am friend or foe, a squirrel runs down the driveway, pausing at the slate pile with an acorn in his mouth. The sound of acorns dropping through the branches of their hose the oak tree, and large, brown, dry, tulip leaves fall from the yellow xxx tree we need to cut down—it’s leaning towards the house and sits only twelve feet from the dwelling.

     I’ve enjoyed sitting on our patio writing. However, as noon passes the skies show no blue, and the gray trimmed white clouds are ominous. The air feels pre-storm like. The rains are coming again. I will have to go inside the house to continue working.

     Ah, blessed day.

     Remember, tomorrow is Good Neighbor Day. What will you do to honor the neighbors in your life?



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