Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

September 30, 2011

Women’s Friendships Celebrated




     As September 2011 was sliding under the rug I realized that I had missed something: all the Friendship Days scheduled throughout the month. The month itself is considered National Friendship Month. In recognition of Women’s Friendship Month I reviewed the special women’s friendships I’ve had throughout the years. Links to these posts are listed below.

     National Women’s Friendship Day was founded by Kappa Delta National Sorority, based in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2009 the celebration extended throughout the month of September.*


     National Women’s Friendship Day is celebrated yearly on the third Sunday in September, which fell on September 18 in 2011. The celebration is furthermore honored by the governors of many states who were among the first to make Governor’s Proclamations endorsing National Women’s Friendship Day.


Other months/days throughout the year that celebrate friendships include:

  • Old Friends, New Friends Week: the third week of May
  • International Friendship Month: February.
  • National Good Neighbor Day: September 28
  • Best Friends Weekend:  June 23 – June 25 in honor of friendship with  animals, as designated by the Best Friends Animal Society. The first day of the weekend is called Best Friends’ Day.






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