Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

October 2, 2011

The 2011 Hungarian Grape Festival: Ligonier, PA.





     The temperature is hovering just above freezing, in the forties during the day, the thirties at night. It has rained for at least twenty-four hours.

     The phrase it was a dark and stormy night applied as my husband Monte and I drove to the Hungarian Grape Festival held in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, on this Sunday evening. Although the weather was inclement, the ambience inside was equally warm. We many new people and ate a good meal that included, of course, Hungarian goulash.

Lorana Sallai (Andrew) receives his sheriff's badge

     A traditional harvest activity occurred throughout the evening. Fruit, hung from the rafters, was there for people to grab and enjoy. However, if one of the two sheriffs caught them, they were penalized by a $1.00 fine. At the end of the evening the person who had the biggest “harvest” won a prize. Where else would a person be rewarded for being the biggest thief???

     One of the sheriff is visiting the United States, coming from Transylvania. Lorano Sallai (Andrew) Amoras is staying in Hazelwood while here.








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