Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

October 8, 2011

Clean Is Something You Smell




Lysol knows a real clean isn’t something you see. It’s something you smell.

     The chemical companies that produce cleaning products have certainly convinced the populace that the above statement, touted on a television advertisement, is true.

     This was obvious back in the late twentieth century when I had a young woman helping me with my housework (I was working 24/7 in three areas covering crisis situations).

     She was truly disturbed using my cleaning products—mainly, baking soda, damp rags, and vinegar. After she’d cleaned she’d tell me, very convincingly, that the work she’d done wasn’t right. After all, it didn’t smell like pine.

     I wanted to tell her to throw a few pine cones in boiling water. That would produce the pine smell the cleaning product producers wanted her to expect.

     Our environment is filled with too many chemicals. How many of our chronic illnesses are a result of our modern day obsession with and acceptance of the chemical cleaners?

     Baking soda does a nifty job of cleaning everything from the kitchen sink to our teeth. If anything is a miracle product, it is.

     But we all know that clean isn’t something you see. It’s something you smell.



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