Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

October 11, 2011

Which President Was Dubbed Conotocarious?




     The first ancestor of George Washington to settle in Virginia was John—the president’s great grandfather. John Washington left England for America in 1657, after the English Civil War and the 1649 execution of King Charles I. 

     John was the son of an Oxford-trained Anglican minister.

     After John settled in Virginis, the local Indians dubbed him Conotocarious—an action that was neither a polite nor admiring. Apparently John Washington had swindled some of the Indians out of land.  

    Conotocarious means town taker, devourer of villages.

     The Washington family’s zest for acquiring land seems to have run thick in their bloodlines. John Washington eagerly added to his real estate holdings, as did  Augustine “Gus” Washington, (1693-1743), the president’s father. “Gus” left an estate of about ten thousand acres, forty-nine slaves, and a small iron foundry.

     George Washington inherited his great grandfather’s Indian moniker.

     Apparently, during George Washington’s 1753 journey to the French commandant he “was named by the half-King (as he was called) and the tribes of Nations with whom he treated, Caunotaucarius (in English) the Town taker; which name being registered in their Manner and communicated to other Nations of Indians, has been remembered by them ever since in all their transactions with him during the late War”…

SOURCE    pp. 183



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