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October 22, 2011

New Words: Oryx & Kestral

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The two new words today, oryx and kestrel, come from the creature world.

 ORYX: an antelope hunted to near extinction, associated with the deserts of the Middle East. Its thin, graceful, horns underline the unicorn legend because from a certain angle they look like a single horn, or because they are fragile and sometimes one of them can break off. It has been featured on postage stamps.*


KESTRAL: Distinctive-looking falcons with bright plumage. The America kestrel (Falco sparverius), previously known as the sparrow hawk, is one of the most common falcons in Oregon. They can be seen perched on poles or wires along the highways and rural roads that line their habitat. Kestrels prefer open spaces including agricultural land, grasslands, deserts, mountain meadows and some urban areas.**


     The oryx gazed upwards into the sky, fascinated by the kestrel flying freely through the clouds. If only he could soar like the kestrel!






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