Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

October 23, 2011

Why Own Lions and Tigers?



     Collecting exotic pets is considered fascinating by some people.

     Why are they drawn to having these pets?

     There is almost a machismo with guys who want to keep lions and tigers in their backyard for t heir own enjoyment and amusement. They almost feel like it makes them more interesting or more of a real man to say they go home at night and hang out with their tiger.*


     Terry Thompson, 62, of Zanesville, Ohio, had a collection of exotic animals, including lions, tigers, black bears, grizzly bears and wolves. His neighbor described him as a hobbyist, someone who wants to have their own, essentially private, zoo.

     In mid-October, 2011, Thompson unlocked the gates on the animal cages/housing and then committed suicide. Deputies were ordered to kill the freed animals to protect human life. Forty-eight animals were killed.


     It is certainly a common opinion that the cuteness of baby exotic animals makes a person want to take them home. However, as we all know, babies grow up, and when the exotic animals grow up they can be very dangerous.

     Persons obtain exotic animals, including lions and tigers, through auctions and swaps. They are also sold online, including at, which claims to be the only business to sell tigers online: It was a dream until yesterday’ now it’s true. We give you the possibility to buy a tiger online and without any trouble.

     Wild Animal World sells exotic animals out of Louisiana, including monkeys and tiger cubs.


     Although you can own a leopard or tiger for five hundred to a thousand dollars, the bottom line with exotic animals is the danger they present to their caretakers and to community members.

     Ohio regulations are so lax that nobody knows for sure how many privately owned tigers are in Ohio.

     The October 23, 2011, KQV poll in the Greenburg Tribune-Review states Law enforcement officers near Zanesville, Ohio, shot and killed nearly 50 wild animals…released by the owner of a private animal park, who then committed suicide. Officers were ordered to kill the animals instead of trying to tranquilize them for fear those hit with darts would escape in the darkness before they dropped and then regain consciousness.

     Do you agree that the animals released from the Ohio animal park should have been shot, rather than tranquilized?

     To vote yes, call 412/333-9190     To vote no, call 412/333-9192

     Or answer in the comment box below.


     To read my October 20, 2011, post click on Lions and Tigers in Ohio????





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