Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

October 24, 2011

On Being a One Car Household




     My husband Monte goes out of town for business occasionally. That leaves me at home without transportation.

     We are a one-car household. That is an unusual situation in a culture where each adult must have their own vehicle. Drive by some homes and see five or six cars, one for each member of the family.


     We became a two-car family when my husband entered the ministry at the time our children were teenagers. I knew he would need the car most of the time, and if he didn’t it would need to be available for emergencies. I stipulated that if he was to be in the ministry we would have to become a two-car household.

     We are frequently questioned as to why we now are a one-car household.

     We decided to return to being a one-car owners after he retired and our second car died. Most of the time it works. At other times—when he has to be out of town for business for several days, or when we are overscheduled, or challenging circumstances occur—I wonder if we should have remained a two-car family.


     During these challenging moments I consider the following:

     First, some people in the United States don’t have even one car for reliable transportation. They may be elderly, or young with families. They need to get to doctors appointments and to travel for other necessities. In other parts of the world women walk miles to carry their daily water supply from its source to their home. Do my husband and I really have a need to have two vehicles?

     And I consider myself lucky to have the one vehicle we do have.

     Second, our resources can be better spent on mission work rather than having the luxury of the expenses of a second vehicle.

     Third, it makes us evaluate some of our activities. Do we really need to attend some event? Is it really worth our time?

    Fourth, it creates an atmosphere of cooperation and communication between my husband and myself (neither of which we do very well, however). It also enables a spirit of community with others who are willing to step in, in times of extreme difficulty. They offer us rides, and two even offer us the loan of their vehicle.


     We find that the benefits and challenges of being a one-vehicle household is a very acceptable choice. I invite you to state your opinion in the comment box below.


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