Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

October 25, 2011

Mini-Vacation to Winchester, Virginia




     Monte’s sister Grace and her husband Bob are snowbirds. Every year they travel from their Northern New York home to Florida, in an attempt to escape the harsh winter weather in country where snowfalls and cold are rampant.

     We hadn’t taken either of Monte’s two mini-vacations yet, so he suggested we meet Grace and Bob where they would stop for the night—either in the southern tier of Pennsylvania or northern tier of Virginia.

     We waited for their call to say they were on their way. Monte took his cell phone out to where it would work at 2:00 p. m. but there were no messages. We decided we should get started, and just before 3:00, as we were preparing to lock the house up, a car pulled into the driveway.

     It was our friends, Swede Roy and writer Diane. We hadn’t seen them for a long time. I met Diane through the Foothills Writers Group, now defunct. I met Roy through Diane, and he became my translator of letters from Sweden written in that country’s native language.

     Due to serious health problems, Diane is living in a nursing home and uses a wheelchair. The ramp Monte built on our porch proved ever so useful this day.

     We enjoyed a visit on our front porch. They left around 4:00 and we hurried into our car to leave. We still hadn’t heard anything.

     The day was beautiful, the autumn leaves colorful. As we drove along, the cell phone rang. Bob and Grace were nearing Winchester. That was where we would head. Through several phone calls we learned where they were staying and we would be there at 7:30 p. m. to join them for dinner.

     Then it happened. The unexpected. The radiator heated up. It was at the boiling point. And we still had a distance to drive.

     We nursed the car along, stopping as needed to allow it to cool down. I called Bob and Grace and told them to go ahead and eat.

     In Winchester, we asked several people where the hotel was, and finally received good directions, and made it by 7:30. Bob and Grace were waiting for us, and we went to the restaurant adjacent to the motel. We had a nice visit.

     I was still feeling unwell from last week’s exposure to the cold in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. My throat had been raw the night before, although it was much better during the day. Bob gave me a bag of potato chips (salt for the throat) and we all retired for the night.

     Another day in the life of the Hollands.



ALEXANDRIA, D. C. (Virginia) IN THE 1790s



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